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Healing Rain


  • Level: 83
  • Class: Shaman
Healing Rain
46% of base mana
40 yd range
2 sec cast10 sec cooldown
Requires level 83
Calls forth healing rains to blanket the area targeted by the Shaman, restoring 1826 to 2173 health to allies in the area every 2 sec for 10 sec. Healing effectiveness diminishes for each player beyond 6 within the area.


Duration 10 sec
School Nature
Dispel type
Global Cooldown
Cost 46% of base mana
Range 40 yards (Long)
Cast time 2 seconds
Cooldown 10 seconds
Level: 83
Effect #1 Persistent Area Aura: Dummy
Value: 6
Radius: 10 yards
Effect #2 Apply Aura: Periodic Dummy
Interval: 2 seconds

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