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The Hatchery Must Burn


Travel through the flamegate in the center of the Flamewake in Mount Hyjal. Speak with Farden Talonshrike once you are inside.


<name>! Choluna spoke true: the goddess has returned! A miracle in our midst.

While you were able to kill the twilight dragon Sethria, we have not yet located all of the eggs that the harpies had delivered to her. Thisalee and I have tracked them to a great hatchery constructed within the Firelands. It is not of this realm, so Aviana cannot accompany you.

Fly south and enter the flamegate in the center of the valley. Farden Talonshrike has been sent ahead and will be waiting for you within.


Also, you get: 78


So it's true - Aviana has returned, with you as her herald.

There's much to be done here. We are deep in the heart of the Firelands. Sethria smuggled stolen eggs from Mount Hyjal here to hatch her own hideous creations - birds of prey, trained for war.

I hope you're ready to fight back!


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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