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An Ancient Reborn


  • Level: 81
  • Requires level: 80
  • Side: Both
  • Start: Choluna,
    Start: Aviana
  • End: Aviana
  • Not sharable
  • Difficulty: 80  85  90
Use the Herald's Incense before Aviana's Egg at the Shrine of Aviana.
Herald's Incense Burned
Provided Item:
Herald's Incense


I'm convinced that YOU are the herald of Aviana, <name>. It was you who first saw her and rescued her essence from the claws of a dragon.

Yes, I believe Aviana is to be reborn into our world. And you shall have the honor of ushering her over the threshold.

Take this incense and burn it before Aviana's egg in the room just above me.

The ancient awaits, <name>. Our deliverance is here!


You can choose one of these awards:
Skygrip Handguards Heraldcall Censer Signet of Fragrant Summoning


I ... live.

Those that tried to corrupt me and kidnap my children will soon feel the rake of my talons, <class>. Believe it.

Continue to push forward across Hyjal. I will collect myself and assemble with the other Ancients.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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