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To the Chamber of Incineration!


Kill Rom'ogg Bonecrusher.
Rom'ogg Bonecrusher slain


It was an ambush, <name>! As soon as we walked in a super-fat ogre named Rom'ogg Bonecrusher attacked us! Raz bravely defended me while I ran off to hide. I watched as they beat him unconscious and then dragged him to a place the fat one called the "Chamber of Incineration." I think it's just down the hall across the bridge.

I'm too scared to go any further. Take my all-purpose diving helm and search for Raz. I'll communicate with you through the helm.

And if you find that ogre, kill him!


Also, you get: 32 80


<Finkle's helm crackles with static.>

RAZ! What have they done to him!? FOLLOW HIM!


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 69800 experience (41 88 at max. level)

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