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The World Pillar Fragment


Place the Earthen Ring Banner in the center of Abyssion's Lair, slay him and obtain the Upper World Pillar Fragment.
Provided Item:
Earthen Ring Banner


It is time, <name>. We have spotted Abyssion making his way to the lair.

The Twilight's Hammer might've thought the fragment would be safe if a dragon guarded it, but I've met enough dragons to know their one weakness. Pride.

Abyssion's not going to run from a fight with us puny mortals.

Place the banner of the Earthen Ring in the middle of his lair. Once we defeat him, bring the fragment to Maruut. We need to to repair the World Pillar as soon as possible.


You can choose one of these awards:
Worldbinder Signet Stonebinder's Cloak Amulet of Reconstruction
Also, you get: 17 20


<name>! You've returned!


Your efforts in repairing the World Pillar are invaluable, <name>. Once the Temple of Earth's structure is stable again, the rift between the worlds will begin to stabilize.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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