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Sethria's Demise


Slay the dragon Sethria. Once she reveals her true form, you will need to use the signal rocket to call in reinforcements!
Sethria slain
Provided Item:
Thisalee's Signal Rocket


While you've been raiding Sethria's nest, messages have been flying back and forth between here and the shrine. Skylord Omnuron was at first reluctant, but I've persuaded my fellow druids to risk a direct assault on Sethria herself.

Everyone agreed to my plan... provided YOU spearhead the attack.

Take this signal rocket and engage Sethria on the far ridge. When she reveals her true colors and shifts to her dragon form, fire the rocket and backup will arrive to help you!


Also, you get: 7 80


If a minor dragon like Sethria can cause us so many problems, I hate to see what else Twilight's Hammer has in store...


Sethria is slain! I knew it was worth the risk.

I'll stay here to look for survivors, but I imagine they'll want to see you back at the shrine.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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