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A Prayer and a Wing


Use the Enormous Bird Call at one of Blaithe's Nests perched atop the Rim of the World. Kill Blaithe and gather one of his Ancient Feathers.
Provided Item:
Enormous Bird Call


A winged visage? Could it be...?

<name>, there's no time to waste. You may have been speaking to Aviana herself, trying to return to us.

I'll need something from Aviana's past to reach out to her. High atop the ridge overlooking this shrine, you'll find a series of huge nests belonging to Blaithe, an ancient bird of prey that was once her consort. For ten thousand years he's been mad with grief.

Go to one of his roosts, and use this call to summon him. Kill Blaithe and bring me one of his feathers.


You can choose one of these awards:
Shoulderpads of Dead Memories Griefsoul Wristguards Heartcrush Greathammer
Also, you get: 7 80


Don't trouble yourself over Blaithe's condition. Grief robbed that creature of a soul epochs ago. He was but a shell of his former self, a beast of pure rage.


That was nasty work, <name>, but it had to be done.

And if Aviana is truly to be resurrected, then perhaps your actions have enabled Blaithe to someday come back as well?

Now let's see if we can contact our long lost guardian...


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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