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An Offering for Aviana


Require One of
Use the Sacred Nectar at Aviana's Burial Circle.
Nectar Offered
Provided Item:
Sacred Nectar


Although the guardian of all winged creatures is no longer with us in body, I sometimes hear her voice in the whisper of swaying leaves.

<name>, we ask much of you as you set out to preserve this mountain. Before going on, take a moment to reflect.

Take this offering of nectar to Aviana's burial circle, a circle of stones just outside the main door of the shrine. Perhaps some time alone with Aviana's memory will help sharpen your focus.


<The spirit fades in and out of your vision, as though here and elsewhere at the same time.>


<A whispered plea rings within your head.>

To be born again, but in darkness...

I have been stolen away.

<The spirit appears frantic, but falls silent as her image fades.>


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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