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Crushing the Cores


Acquire 8 Smoldering Cores by killing Searing Guardians, then smash them against a Twilight Anvil.
Smoldering Core Destroyed (8)


These searing guardians are murderous! We destroy them, and within minutes, they reignite from the ashes.

I think there's a way to destroy them permanently, but we'll need someone who can fight through the front ranks.

<name>, kill the searing guardians and take their smoldering cores to the nearby anvils. Smash them on the Twilight Anvils, and destroy them for good!


You can choose one of these awards:
Coreforged Girdle Anvilcrush Bracers Drape of Smoldering Dreams
Also, you get: 7 80


Great work!

There was a time when adventurers would collect these cores in order to craft mediocre fire-resistant equipment. But for now, I'm glad just to destroy these fiends once and for all.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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