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Rage of the Wolf Ancient


Slay 12 Dark Iron Laborers.
Dark Iron Laborer slain (12)


Here we are deep within the realm of the fire god and what do we find? The little puppets of Ragnaros, scurrying around to do his bidding.

These Dark Iron laborers are finishing and packaging the weapons Twilight's Hammer hopes to use in their conquest of Hyjal. I don't care if they're here of their own free will or if they've been brainwashed or kidnapped... They're a foe of our beloved Wolf Ancient and they should pay the ultimate price.


Also, you get: 7 80


Dead? Good. They sealed their fate when they threw their lot in with Ragnaros and his kingdom of flame.

Leave their bodies down here to crumble into ash.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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