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Hell's Shells


Use the Heap of Core Hound Innards near Nemesis to distract him. Collect a Nemesis Shell Fragment.
Provided Item:
Heap of Core Hound Innards


Fresh and stinking, these innards will prove to be irresistible for Nemesis, the befouled turtle god created by Twilight's Hammer.

Nemesis must eventually be destroyed, but first, we must collect a piece of his fiery armored shell. With it, we'll be able to work some magic to free the true Ancient.

Go into the Flamewake and drop this bait near Nemesis. It will distract him. Pry off a piece of his shell... then run, if you hope to survive the encounter.


Also, you get: 7 80


Nemesis is a molten ball of fury protected by a stony shell of pure hatred.

His time will come.


<The Arch Druid takes the shell from you with surprising reverence.>

Nemesis is an instrument of evil, but he was forged from a shell fragment of the true ancient.

We will exploit this connection.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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