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Black Heart of Flame


Use the Charred Branch within the Inferno to Summon Thol'embaar. Kill him and take the Black Heart of Thol'embaar.
Provided Item:
Charred Branch


Now you will use our newfound knowledge to pull Thol'embaar into the mortal plane like a babe screaming from the womb. Then you will crush him.

The ritual is simple: take this charred branch, tap it on the ground three times, and utter his name aloud.

You must call him from within the heart of the Inferno. Destroy him, and bring his black heart back to me.


You can choose one of these awards:
Charbite Hood Embercrusher Grips Signet of Nascent Fire


Tell me! Have you fought Thol'embaar yet?

I am living vicariously through you, <race>. Do not disappoint!


There it is! Such a trophy! Born in the fires of another plane...

Go ahead, <race>. Crush it. Crush his charcoal heart in your hands and let the winds scatter the ashes... yes, yes.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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