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Lightning in a Bottle


Collect a Charged Condenser Jar from a Twilight Lightning Channel.
Provided Item:
Totem of Lo'Gosh


Lo'Gosh granted me a vision while you were in the hovel, <name>. I saw you striding across the Lightning Ledge, with lightning bolts in your hand. The vision was powerful: Lo'Gosh feels this is of utmost importance. We must not fail the Ancient.

Upon the Lightning Ledge, Twilight's Hammer has been experimenting with devices they call "Lightning Channels."

Investigate one of these channels, then use this totem to summon the Spirit of Lo'Gosh and learn what the Ancient is planning...


Also, you get: 7 80


We meet again, <class>. You fight well! You carve a path of fear and confusion in your wake.


So, it is true! You indeed carry lightning in your hands.

You are the chosen one, <name>. You will be my champion, and carry my vengeance to realms where I cannot tread...


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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