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Sweeping the Shelf


Slay 8 Twilight Stormcallers and 5 Howling Riftdwellers.
Twilight Stormcaller slain (8)
Howling Riftdweller slain (5)


The shrine is secure, the ogres in disarray. Enough. The time has come to go on the offensive.

Something sinister is underway above us, on the Lightning Ledge. It is time to unleash the fury of the Ancients!

Fly up to the Lightning Ledge and demolish the Twilight's Hammer there. Crush them, <name>, slay their creations and hurl their bodies from the mountainside!


You can choose one of these awards:
Wolfcaller Bracers Treads of the Dreamwolf Girdle of the Ancient Wolf Goldrinn's Purifier
Also, you get: 7 80


Impressive, <name>. Very impressive.

You embody all of the strength of the Wolf Ancient, and possess the wisdom to use your powers well. I salute you.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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