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Who's Top of the Food Chain Now?


Collect 5 Shark Parts.


Fine, fine, perhaps the whole egg thing didn't quite pan out. Who's up for some shark meat?

Only one little problem. Well, a big problem, actually. A really BIG problem: The Hammer!

Of course, I have a brilliant idea. Swim out into the Dire Strait to the west and get us some shark parts. Give them to my assistant, Greely. I'm too important to get my hands dirty with the small details.


Also, you get: 2 25


<name>, take it easy on Grapplehammer. He's a genius, but he's got a fragile ego.


These will do very nicely! We're going to combine the shark parts and the robotic remains of the Mechachicken into a submersible that should allow you to rid us of that nuisance, The Hammer!


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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