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Goblin Escape Pods


Rescue 6 Goblin Survivors.
Goblin Survivors Rescued (6)


<name>, I'm sorry, I thought you were dead!

This is just crazy. We sailed into a fight between the Alliance and Horde!

You know, our brothers and sisters still need to be rescued.

<He points out all of the escape pods in the water around you.>

I think I'm going to sit here a while longer and catch my breath. Can you swim around and let them out? Take my pair of thermohydratic flippers so you can get around faster.

Let Sassy know that I'll swim in shortly.


Also, you get: 1 25


Oh, thank heavens that you survived, <name>! I thought for sure that you'd drowned when I saw you go over the side!

<Sassy's eyes fill up with tears as she hugs you.>

Look at all of these folks you saved!


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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